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Brigand was established to add a new voice to authors by publishing the work of various additional new and exciting writers. Take a look at our site for the latest available books to purchase online.

1656 - Peter Holland


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1656 - Peter Holland


1656 - Peter Holland


Twenty-five years after Callum, Jack and Laura were taken captive by Barbary Corsairs, England has been through its Civil War, a revolution, regicide and significant social change, but the issue of the white slave trade persists. In 1656, Oliver Cromwell’s republic rules through his control of Parliament, and like Charles’ earlier government in 1631, the new republic wants to find a solution to the problem of the enslaved in north Africa. 

Major Adam Pisaner, chosen to find a way of redeeming captives from Algiers, turns to some of the very few people in England with experience of captivity for their advice and help, Callum, Jack and Laura. 1656 tells of their exciting second adventure, during which these ordinary citizens meet the Lord Protector himself.

ISBN: 978-1-912978-05-2

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