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Brigand was established to add a new voice to authors by publishing the work of various additional new and exciting writers. Take a look at our site for the latest available books to purchase online.

Fragmentary Lives - Three Novellas - Philip Tew


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Fragmentary Lives - Three Novellas - Philip Tew

Fragmentary Lives.jpg
Fragmentary Lives.jpg

Fragmentary Lives - Three Novellas - Philip Tew


Pre-order now, estimated delivery date 7th October 2019

Brigand Press is to publish Philip Tew’s second book of fiction, Fragmentary Lives: Three Novellas, which charts the nuances and complexities of life at the end of the last millennium. Set in the 1980s and 1990s, these novellas concern two young man struggling with and surviving various relationships, particularly intimate ones with women. Each protagonist tries hard to make sense of and find their place in an ever-changing world.

 ‘Another Long Weekend’ explores a divorced young man's visit to Norfolk in the early 1980s, where he meets Lauren, a potential romantic distraction. ‘Swimming the Goldfish Bowl’ traces Luke’s life in the mid-1990s as a doctoral student and the effect of encountering Lorraine, an attractive woman from the challenged side of the tracks.   ‘After the Revolution (Failed to Materialize)’ follows the life of university lecturer, Jim Dent, in the 1990s, as he reflects on life and delusions of the hard-left, as his political disillusionment grows following several chance encounters.

Philip’s first novel, Afterlives, is also available from Brigand. Martyn Colebrook wrote in a review in The Lady: “Afterlives will stay with the reader long after the final page has been turned. There are scenes in the book that are infused with tenderness, hilarity and a darkly comic streak. This is a deft debut from Philip Tew: memorable and touching, it leaves the reader waiting for more.” Well, Fragmentary Lives satisfies that very impulse to read more from Philip, since he continues the story of Jim Dent and several others like him!

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